Sunday, October 2, 2011

SERENIA'S KANZAS-sequel ANNE coming by Spring 2012

The winter of 1865 was already showing an ugly and frigid side which did not bode well for the travelers.  The road they were taking was truly not much more than a path which was probably better than some of the trails which carried more wagons on a regular basis.  Those roads would be muddy and slower going since it seemed to continuously drizzle the second through the fifth day on the trip.  Also, they were in the upper Ozark Mountains and it felt that way too.
Serenia found almost immediately that everything hanging on the walls of the wagon would have to be battened down or they clanged to “beat the band”.   Their first stop found her using their ropes to try and tie everything lose onto one another to keep as much quiet as possible.  She also tied the rocker down to both sides of the wagon so that Sarry could rock the baby and not fall when they hit a bump in the trail when Serenia and not Perry was guiding the wagon.  The size of the wagon was 12 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet and it held as much as she supposed their first sod house or cabin would.  Tales from Pap Campbell explained the options available on the prairie so that the women would not be surprised when they found nothing at the end of the road.

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