Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ANNE being presented to media today.....

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                                                            Contact:   Shawn Street – Public Relations

PublishAmerica Presents Anne by Kathleen Boston McCune

Frederick, MD July 10, 2012 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present Anne by Prairie Village, Kansas author Kathleen Boston McCune.

Anne is the feisty red-haired, spoiled yet fun filled daughter of Perry and Serena Campbell born in 1869 Kansas. Her life will be filled with Cowboys, Indians, Barn Dances and rough weather.
Falling in love with the Cowboy Lon Boston gives Anne the impetus to continue in the rough and tumble Kansas where just surviving can pull the beauty from a rose in less than a day. His quiet gentleness, impeccable demeanor and respect from his peers won him to her heart even before she noticed how handsome he was. Lon, 6’4”, with black wavy hair, pale blue eyes and sweeping handlebar moustache rode a horse as though born on one. His quiet commanding voice was the antithesis to her too quick fits of temper. He found the sprightly Anne, barely 5’ tall, fiery green eyes, a tangle of bright curly crimson hair the challenge he was eager to tangle up with…for the rest of his life.

Kathleen Boston McCune, sixth generation Kansan, has researched her family’s roots and privations after leaving their ancestral lands to insure an accurate accounting for all historical events. Since 1982 when she received the family’s letters written during the Civil War to one another and the treasured photographs upon the death of her Great Aunt Rena, this book’s main character’s daughter. Kathleen has written three books profiling their determination in providing freedom for the slaves and their own family. Finding that her ancestors include Swiss and Norwegians, besides Scottish and English, she more easily understands and now shares with her readers the dialogue and more private family lives they shared with one another and the privations which were endured because their parents so prized this land of the free…America…for themselves and their progeny.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

SERENIA'S KANZAS-sequel ANNE coming by Spring 2012

The winter of 1865 was already showing an ugly and frigid side which did not bode well for the travelers.  The road they were taking was truly not much more than a path which was probably better than some of the trails which carried more wagons on a regular basis.  Those roads would be muddy and slower going since it seemed to continuously drizzle the second through the fifth day on the trip.  Also, they were in the upper Ozark Mountains and it felt that way too.
Serenia found almost immediately that everything hanging on the walls of the wagon would have to be battened down or they clanged to “beat the band”.   Their first stop found her using their ropes to try and tie everything lose onto one another to keep as much quiet as possible.  She also tied the rocker down to both sides of the wagon so that Sarry could rock the baby and not fall when they hit a bump in the trail when Serenia and not Perry was guiding the wagon.  The size of the wagon was 12 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet and it held as much as she supposed their first sod house or cabin would.  Tales from Pap Campbell explained the options available on the prairie so that the women would not be surprised when they found nothing at the end of the road.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Serenia's Kanzas submitted for consideration to producers by Bryan Lourd

Good morning Kathleen,

PublishAmerica is pleased to inform you that we have submitted your book's movie proposal to a number of Hollywood producers represented by the CAA agent Bryan Lourd.  Should they express interest in your work, we will alert you a soon as possible.

Have a great day.

Shawn Street
Public Relations
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